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GPT Sites with Amazon and PayPal

Many of the best GPT sites will pay you with both amazon gift card codes and PayPal cash. The best of these sites will also have a low minimum. GPT sites have been around for over 10 years, there have been thousands of these sites launched, many have closed but some are still going strong, here are a few of those sites.

Launched in 2011, very popular, easy to use, get paid instantly with a low $1 minimum. Complete offers, surveys,videos and CrowdFlower Tasks. There is a Holiday Bonus, Referral program, point booster codes, free sweepstakes and Contests and bonuses.

Launched in 2015 and has already paid out over $100k. This GPT site is very popular with India as well as many other countries like USA and UK. There are 26 offer walls with lots of ways to earn. The minimum is only $1 and you get it instantly.

Launched in 2012, great support and fun chat. Get paid via PayPal with a low $1 minimum or with amazon codes. You get paid same day for cash and instantly for gift cards.

I would start with those 3 sites and if you want to join others, I suggest to check out there is an extensive list of great GPT sites there with low minimums

GPT Rewards Sites with the lowest minimums

Today’s modern GPT site has low minimum withdraw options or it just doesn’t get used. There are some old dinosaur sites out there that still make you wait a month to get paid once you hit $20. I don’t use or recommend those sites. I use sites that pay very fast and let you cash out small amounts. These sites all pay via PayPal and also have other withdrawal options available. I don’t want to make this long winded so lets just cut to the chase, The sites below are the best low minimum GPT sites I have found during my 8 year GPT career. – Best for USA-UK-Canada , but many other countries can also use the site. $1.00 Minimum. – Great for USA-UK-India and also many other countries. $1,00 Minimum, Instant Gift Cards – People from any country can earn here. $1.00 Minimum – USA-UK-Canada $1.00 Minimum – USA-UK-Canada $1.00 Minimum – Worldwide GPT $1.00 Minimum – All Countries can earn here $1.00 Minimum\ – International GPT Site $1.00 Minimum

It’s my sincere hope that you like these sites, I have cashed out many times from everyone of these sites, they are among the best. Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate it.


Low minimum GPT Sites

Those looking for low minimum GPT sites have found the right place. I have been using GPT websites since 2008. My favorite have always been the low minimum ones, the ones that pay you via paypal or amazon are among my favorite. Through the years I have found the very best ones. Listed below you will find these sites and I will give you some information about them as well. These are sites that have paid me many times.

  • is the low minimum leader. You can get paid via PayPal instantly starting at just $1.00. You may also get amazon codes instantly for $1 as well. The site is modern and works great on mobile devices. Registration is fast and easy.
  • is a site have have been using for a few years, they pay fast via paypal with as little as one dollar needed. You may also get instant amazon gift cards at one dollar as well. This site is run by a legend in GPT “primgalz” she really knows what her members want and she provides a nice fun place to get it.
  • is cool site with contests and promotions, they also have a low $1.00 minimum for PayPal or amazon codes. You will also find fast support.
  • has a low minimum for PayPal and amazon. This site also has fun games where you can try to win more points, the games are fun and addicting.
  • is an international GPT site that allows members from all over the world to earn money doing surveys, offers,videos paid to click and much more. You get paid instantly with PayPal and the minimum is a low $2.00.

The days of GPT sites making you earn $20 and then taking a month to pay are over, there are many low minimum alternatives that are just as good, in fact they are better.

be sure to bookmark us and come back later to learn about more low minimum GPT sites.